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Psychology of date— a nifty trap that forces you to postpone (diet) resolutions

Dates are magical numbers. They carry a special meaning for us and are often related to sentimental situations and events. Date of birth, date of wedding, a memorable New Year’s Eve. We like to value some dates and special days.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we can observe crowded fitness centers in January and a sudden decline in attendance around February or March. We like to make resolutions like: “In the New Year…”, “I will start on Monday”, “From next month…”.

Break your patterns and form new ones

It’s a trap. You can start today and just now. Your next meal can be healthy and you can right now go swimming, riding a bike or running. You don’t have to start precisely on Monday. It’s hard because we are used to the pattern that we must take a good rest before hard effort. That’s why usually a day before new “Monday diet” or “New month’s diet” is rich in calories.

It’s kind of protection for our psyche, chilling out and just “rebooting”. “Today is the last day!” — how many times how you been saying this? How can you deal with the pattern? It’s a form of procrastination — check my article about it here (3 min read).

Convince yourself that you’re the master of your thoughts and behaviors and you can fully control the situation

Break your patterns and form new ones. Is it the first time that you submit to the magic of date? Break the pattern and start doing something on Friday instead of Monday. It doesn’t have to be related to diet and training. It can be anything. The important thing here is to get accustomed to initial discomfort caused by doing something that you’re not used to. Just break the pattern and get out of your comfort zone. Start with small steps. It will soon reflect positively on your diet resolutions.

Additionally, you can practice a positive self-talk. Convince yourself that you’re the master of your thoughts and behaviors and you can fully control the situation. You postpone the term of something (e.g. diet or training) because the situation makes you feel stressed. Therefore, find something that will lift the mood in order to increase chances that you will get into a new resolution more quickly.

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